Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall accidents are very complex and difficult to actually prove. It is essential to understand that in order to file a successful legal response, you know all the facts.

Customers who suffer from injuries cause by slipping and falling due to the follow cases can be legally assisted:

  • Slippery floors
  • Partially frozen areas
  • Sudden changes of height in the floor
  • Uncovered or improperly covered holes and waterways

In the United States, more than ten million slips or falls result in injuries each year. Most of these accidents are tragic. These terrible statistics could be drastically decreased if property owners knew about all the risks in their property. In this case, legal assistance is required when filing a personal injury lawsuit for slipping or falling.

In the case of a slip or fall accident, it is important to take detailed pictures of the accident site immediately after it happens. In order to prevent any changes that may happen to the accident site afterwards, a picture is extremely necessary to provide evidence of your accident. In addition, it is also recommend that you save pieces of clothing like shoes or pants that you were wearing at the time of the accident. This will help with explaining some of the details of the injury.

Construction Site Injuries

Construction accidents are accidents related to manholes, structures, ladders, heavy machinery, fire, electric shock accidents, falls, or accidents due to mechanical defects.

If the victim is an employee and the injury was caused by negligence from the employer, employee, or other collaborative employee, it is a worker’s compensation, and a third party is allowed to file a lawsuit against the three exemptions. California’s employee casualty insurance can sue for three exemptions from employees. California’s employee casualty insurance applies to anyone who is an employee.

If the victim is an employee with a general contract, the employee’s accident insurance is applied. If the employee is an employee of an independent contract or a third party, then it is applied to a third party lawsuit. It is important to find out whether the victim is an employee or a third party contractor. Whether they are W2 or 1099, whether they are paid in cash or check payment, whether the employment time is determined by the employer or by independent contract. Whether you use the employer’s working tools or if you provide your own. Long story short, these are all factors that will affect your court case.

Lawyers always have to deal with employment status because the compensation depends on whether they are directly employed or not. Compensation for employee accident insurance is specific for each item in the relevant provisions, and lawsuits against third parties are not limited by these regulations. For example, if a person breaks their leg at the workplace, the employee will be compensated according to the employee’s accident insurance provisions and if the lawsuit is against a third party, compensation will be made in consideration of medical expenses, degree of suffering, damage, loss of income, etc. In general, compensation for lawsuits against third parties are often greater than compensations for employee accident insurance.

Other Serious Injuries

When we least expect it, our daily lives can sometimes turn tragic. Whether it’s walking across a parking lot, riding rides at amusement parks, or walking near a crowded main street near your home an accident can occur to anyone.

If you suffer from physical pain as a result of falling or slipping on defective private property, you may be able to file a lawsuit. If you suffer from physical pain, you may be able to sue. If not, there are situations where further investigation and possible legal action can be taken. Before making any decisions, you should always contact a professional lawyer who can correctly consult you on the best options possible.